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If you want HFL games to improve your standing, great competition and extended game times, then this is the perfect event. We have our own Wifi and streaming platform at Dorey Park (and it's free!!) to maximize the recruiting opportunities! Accessing our video platform is free for both live streaming and saved content. NO GATE FEES and NO STAY TO PLAY!

Starz Gold Fall Kickoff Showcase

Dates: Sept 12 & 13, 2020

​Location: Dorey Park (2999 Darbytown Rd) & Glen Allen Complex (2175 Mountain Rd)

Price: $ 795

Ages: 14u - 18u

Format:  This is a 4 gg. 2 games per day min. (back to back whenever possible) and 1:30 +1 inning game times. This is a perfect way to challenge your team and maximize the increasingly important streaming/video content! 

Inclement Weather Policy. If the entire event is canceled due to weather, teams will receive a 75% refund. Please remember, as with any camp, clinic or tournament, the Williamsburg Starz Gold incurs event costs whether or not teams/players participate in the event.